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Beautifying the World One Event at a Time

Plant Leasing

We Can Make Your Space Come Alive!

We have your green thumb! Tropical Images specializes in the leasing and rental of LIVE plants and trees. Whether it's a 3 day event or permanently placed in a hotel foyer, our expert staff of trained technicians can help select, install and maintain these foliages for as long as you would like. Assorted green plants, blooming plants, seasonal color and even trees are all within the scope of our service.


No more need to worry about you or your staff watering and trimming plants to keep them alive. Our staff will be in weekly, or more if needed to handle all the upkeep. And, you'll never have to worry about replacements as our lease programs include rotation and substitution on foliages when needed. Let us do what we're good at to make it easier for you to do what you're great at!

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