All roses are individually wrapped in cellophane with baby’s breath a green. Half dozen and a full dozen roses, all roses in a bunch are the same color. We will attempt to match closest to your requested color but it is not guaranteed. All sales are final and non-refundable. 


This order is for the Strayer University Commencement at the Royal Farm Arena in Baltimore on Dec 4, 2021. Orders must be placed by Wednseday Dec 1, 2021.

Single Rose

Sales Tax Included
  • Please print out receipt and present for pick up inside arena at main entrance to seating. We provide the only flower sales inside the arena and our display table is on the main entry level at the main entryway.

    You must arrive before the commencement ceremony starts. We leave 5 minutes after the start of graduation and will not return. If you come late, after the start of the ceremony, we can not guarantee to be there for pick up.