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For all plant leases and purchases - please contact Tropical Images directly. Inventory is seasonal and subject to change often. 

Looking to lease? We can help make your space come to life! 

Live plants can make your space healthier and more inviting! Tropical Images specializes in the leasing and rental of LIVE plants and trees. Whether it's a few hours, 3-day event or permanently placed in a hotel foyer, our expert staff of trained technicians can help select, install, and maintain these foliages for as long as you would like. Assorted green plants, blooming plants, seasonal colors, and even trees are all within the scope of our service. From the initial design to ongoing plant care and maintenance, let us transform your environment by bringing the benefits of nature to it!

Rather purchase? Give us a call to discuss how we can best fill your space!

If leasing is too short term for your liking, we offer a wide variety of plants available for purchase as well. Whether you are looking for a standing wreath or spray for a loved one passed, or a hanging plant for your home or office - we can help!

Sprays & Wreaths | Starting at $300

 Gardens | Starting at $95
Potted or Hanging Indoor Plants | Starting at $85

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